Single or double sided, Custom Sizes, Interchangeable fabric images Paddle feet,


Less in More

Ensure your message takes centre stage, the Silhouette Plus utilises the stylish and innovative Silhouette frame to create made to measure freestanding walls.
The Silhouette Plus is so simple yet so effective with very little frame seen from the front view – this is what makes this stand so unique.

With the minimalistic approach to this effective stand the weight and ease of set-up leaves it unchallenged.  

Easy Lock

The Silhouette Plus can be setup without the annoying allen keys!! No tools required when setting up.

Magnetic Joining System

Upgrade to our unique Magnetic system that enables you to join stands by simply pushing them together. No screws or tools required.

Infinite Configurations

With our innovative linking system you can produce almost any shape or layout to complement your marketing activity or event.


Optional Case on wheels or carry bag. Both options offering easy transport.