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PixlipGO Counter

The illuminated Pixlip GO frames are, due to their lightweight construction, perfectly suited for efficient trade fair construction and mobile promotion.
The bright LEDs lend attention to your message.

Portable Lightboxes

Looking to take your pop up banner to the next level? Illuminate your brand or product with a portable light box display! Sleek and intuitive, our lightbox banner solutions are the perfect choice for your next event.

Introducing PIXLIP GO. Light-weight and like Lego to set-up, the PIXLIP GO is the world’s first mobile plastic lighting frame. Comprising of a high output LED panel system, dedicated backlit fabric and inbuilt power transformers, the PIXLIP GO is the world’s superior lightbox signage. At Creative Visuals, we think your unique brand or product deserves a personalised solution. Our illuminated signage is designed using a modular building block system, meaning you are free to combine and connect various frame sizes to suit your needs. There is very little construction required and absolutely no tools involved, so you can assemble or disassemble your lightbox banner with ease, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner. If your needs are ever-changing, your light signage can be too. Update the graphics whenever you desire, to keep your light box display fresh and unique. Simply press your new graphic print into the matching frame groove and you’re ready to go, with a fresh new look. We also offer outdoor digital signage should you require it. Your possibilities are limited only by your event space.

So what are you waiting for? Light up and stand out today with a portable lightbox display. Get in touch to find out more.