Quite possibly the easiest display frame set-up ever. There are no tools and it literally takes seconds to erect each module and create your display.

  • Ingenious foldable frame
  • Lightning quick set-up
  • No tools
  • Truly Modular


These frames can be connected and configured in limitless combinations. There has never been a more flexible graphic display system.

  • Endless possibilities
  • Single or double sided
  • Straight, angled or a combination
  • Large or small
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Compact and robust transport options ideal for moving in and out of events easily.

Transport Case 

The standard case has heavy duty wheels for easy transport and double padded condensed foam layers for protection.

Podium Case 

Our Podium carry case serves as a light weight hard case on wheels and also converts into a podium counter. See below.

The Connection

Building the Flextile to your desired size and/or configuration is made truly easy, simply insert the connecting rods and start building.

Connecting Rod 

No tools needed to build your display. Plus there is no right or wrong way around for the Flextile square as all sides are the same.

Foot Rod 

Simply slide your Flextile frame over the foot rod to connect your Flextile squares. The foot is multi-use so you can use the same foot for all your display combinations.

Fabric Graphics

High quality digital fabric printing for accurate and bright colour reproduction every time.

  • Interchangeable graphics
  • Anti-glare
  • Opaque

Arm Lights

Detachable arm lights to brighten your display and get noticed.
Shine bright like a diamond!

  • Low voltage LED
  • Detachable
  • Lightweight

Multi-use Feet

  • Same Foot, multiple uses
  • Simply change the conguration of the pins to create either straight or angled displays.
  • One display system, so many choices.

The Sizes

There are 3 standard square modular sizes available. 800mm SQ, 1000mm SQ, 1200mm SQ. Custom sizes are also available.