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PIXLIP GO is based on a three-part set of components. Neither tools nor prior technical knowledge are needed for rapid assembly and disassembly.

PIXLIP GO is the first mobile plastic lighting frame in the world. By contrast to sharp-edged aluminium, this makes it particularly light and avoids any risk of injury.


LED Module

The illumination of the PIXLIP GO frames is accomplished using our powerful LED modules. These feature a 24 V lighting module. All construction parts are CE-certified and through their limited heat development fulfil the usual safety provisions for events.

System connector Flex

180° angle

The PIXLIP GO Flex connector allows the user to connect several equally high frames at an arbitrary angle. The unobtrusive plastic elements are simply pushed up and down on the respective corners of the frames. Due to the identical design, the suspended hinge remains nearly invisible.

System connector Step

Variable height

The PIXLIP GO Step connector allows the combination of two different height  frames to create a stable presentation wall. The small plastic element is pushed up and down into the respective system groove of the two frames.

System connector top

Constant height

With the PIXLIP GO system connector Top the same height frames can be connected together. For this purpose, the small plastic parts are simply pushed up and down into the respective system groove of the two frames so that they are exactly aligned with one another.