Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo was the first Zoo in the world to host National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Wildlife photographs in a stunning event display. Creative Visuals was honoured to be chosen to help reproduce these amazing shots for this pop-up exhibition display in the highest possible quality.


The Melbourne Zoo Design

We used an outdoor backlit fabric stretched across a custom-built aluminium frame that allowed the images to go edge to edge seamlessly – at night the event display of these custom exhibition stands together was quite simply breathtaking.

Held at the very fitting venue of Melbourne Zoo’s Carousel Park, this outdoor event display showcased some of the best pictures published in the National Geographic Magazine’s 130-year history. 

Open to the public in September-November 2018, the stunning exhibition display highlighted to the zoo visitors the importance of respecting and preserving the lives of these fascinating animals. The impressive images displayed on our custom exhibition stands provided a unique experience of bringing attention to the plight of animals around the world.

A memorable experience was offered for the attendees of this almost three-month-long exhibition display with the use of custom exhibition stands to create a stream of extraordinary images of wildlife.

In this event display were the works of some of National Geographic’s world-renowned photographers, including Steve Winter, Paul Nicklen, David Doubilet and Beverly Joubert. The immersive nature of showcasing their impressive captures of animal behaviour in the exhibition display was a delightful experience for people of all ages.

Creative Visuals’ custom exhibition stands showcased the evolution of photography over the years of the magazine’s history and how the art of wildlife photography continues to inspire and fascinate people with natural animal behaviours they may not have witnessed before. Our custom exhibition stands were also an innovative solution to connecting zoo visitors with animals through the easily viewable and eye-catching displays.

This event display solution also brought the incredible opportunity of easily seeing wildlife from all seven continents in an outdoor gallery easily accessible to members of the public. The beautifully captured photographs, which already have inspired audiences around the world, included images of elephants, seals, orangutans, birds and other wildlife in their natural habitats.